Practical Public Speaking

Tutor: Karen Kiser.

* 2nd SEMESTER ONLY – High School Graduation Requirement

Class Description:  In addition to being a requirement for high school graduation, skillful public speaking is a great predictor of success vocationally and relationally. This class will teach the core principles of public speaking as well as prepare students for “real situations” in life where effective public speaking is needed. Students will learn how to make the following speeches: informative, persuasive, toast at a reception, job interview, personal introduction, direction giving, funeral eulogy, award presentation, an appreciation speech, and others.

Students will learn how to organize, outline, and deliver speeches, learning that preparation and experience are the keys to speaking with confidence. Some people are more gifted at public speaking, but God has created all persons with the ability to communicate clearly and effectively if properly trained. Students will be graded mostly on the thoroughness of their preparation and their ability to be clear and poised. A speech syllabus will be given to each student for use in class and beyond. The importance of non-verbal communication, eyes, pacing, pauses, etc. will also be emphasized. Specific help will be provided to combat and prevent “stage fright.” This will be a “participating” class, with a limited number of tests on cognitive data.

Tuition: $180 (Includes Speech Syllabus & other work sheets)

About the Instructor:
B. S. in Secondary Education (20+ years Experience)
Taught for 12 years at Southside Christian School in SC
Homeschooled three of my eight children
Taught since 2007 at KAT – World Lit., Shakespeare, American Lit. , British Lit, ACT, PSAT, SAT (verbal) Test Prep & Public Speaking
Drama Ministry Director at GRACESPRING BIBLE CHURCH

Tutor: Karen Kiser