Thompson Tutoring Private Guitar Lessons

Tutor: Dawn Thompson

Ages: 6 years old and up

Class Description:

Learn how to play the guitar!

Instruction provides an introduction to playing chords and reading notes, strum patterns and / or picking patterns.

1) Students will:

A) Learn the application of the music alphabet to the entire fret board. Begin to read music notation on
the fret board.
B) Memorize basic chord fingerings.
C) Learn several strumming and picking techniques for accompanying songs.
D) Play songs based on student’s interests.
E) Learn basic skills, terminology, and theoretical principles which will help you understand many of the commercially available books for learning guitar.

2) Requirements:

New material is to be practiced at home after it has been introduced. The lesson time will focus on practicing songs and exercises, explaining theoretical principles, and demonstrating new techniques.

Supplies Needed:

1) Acoustic or electric guitar, either nylon or steel string
2) Guitar Book (purchased separately from the cost of instruction)
Book selection will be based on student’s interests
3) A medium or hard pick
4) Capo (Optional)

Payment Schedule & Policies:

1) Lessons are 30 minutes each week at the scheduled time-slot.
2) The charge for each lesson unit is $21.00.
3) Lessons must be paid previous to each lesson. Families may pay a month in advance at
the beginning of every month. Refer to the Thompson Tutoring Student Handbook for payment options.
4) An invoice will be sent before the start of each month as a reminder. If your family has special considerations which require a different schedule of payment, please contact Thompson Tutoring: (269) 329-0730 or to discuss additional options.

Drop/Add Policy:

Lessons can be added at anytime based on availability.
Lessons and dropped at anytime. Please provide 24-hours notice.

About the Tutor:

Dawn Thompson has a background in church music: director of children’s and adult choirs, instrumental music and a church organist. Her previous appointments have included: elementary classroom teacher, elementary / middle school music teacher, reading specialist and principal in She has a Bachelor’s in Education (Music Emphasis) and a Master’s in Educational Leadership. She is the co-owner of Thompson Tutoring, LLC with her husband Corey Thompson.

Dawn Thompson, Instructor
Thompson Tutoring LLC

(269) 329-0730