Making Shakespeare Rock!

Tutor: Karen Kiser

Do you think Shakespeare is dull or boring? Do you know that all of his works were written to be acted and enjoyed and not studied laboriously? Oh, we will study his works together, but more importantly, we will enjoy his works together! We will see how his lyrical poetry and moving narratives clearly define the good and evil of his characters and situations. We will see how his works shaped the Elizabethan Age and the theater movement. We will see how many of our current expressions and idioms have originated on the pages of Shakespeare’s plays. We will discover and discuss the common characteristics of his tragedies and comedies, while studying in depth three of each. We will familiarize ourselves with his other works, spending some of our time allowing any willing class members to actually bring his plays and characters to life! We will look at the complex life of Shakespeare, analyzing his life choices and experiences from a redeemed perspective.


To provide an overview, summary, appreciation, and analysis of Shakespeare and a detailed study of six plays

For Whom:

Students in grades 7-12 who love, hate, or know nothing about Shakespeare (HS English or Elective Credit)


A study of the life and times of Shakespeare, the Elizabethan Age, and a deailed studyt of these plays:

Tragedies: Romeo & Juliet, Julius Caesar, & Macbeth
Comedies: The Taming of the Shrew, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, & The Merchant of Venice


$360 for the year; $180 per semester – Each student will receive a study guide for the above plays and a notebook of Elizabethan times and the life of Shakespeare.

About the Instructor:

B. S. in Secondary Education (20+ years Experience)
Taught for 12 years at Southside Christian School in SC
Homeschooled three of my eight children
Taught since 2007 at KAT – World Lit., Shakespeare, American Lit. , British Lit, ACT, PSAT, SAT (verbal) Test Prep & Public Speaking