Individualized Study Skills

Tutor: Dawn Thompson

Is your child in need of support or enhancement with these following skills?

  • Developing Organizational Skills
  • Developing Planning Skills
  • Following Through on Tasks
  • Resisting Impulses
  • Procrastination
  • Controlling Emotions
  • Staying Focused

This individualized instruction (30-minute session/weekly: ungraded) is aligned to support your child’s study skill needs.  By partnering with parents and teachers, learning will be reinforced and /or extended through developing a prescriptive one-on-one tutoring program to work on your child’s specific needs.  This is not a workbook-driven curriculum.  Instead, a “student centered” approach to learning is used, by taking your child from “what they know and can already achieve” and advancing them to their next step for success.  Whether it is setting goals, learning how to use a daily/weekly planner, or just a check-with how things are going, students will become more capable, motivated and in control of their lives

I support teaching to “all” learners and to your child’s interests and strengths.

My background as a past reading and instructional specialist, classroom teacher and principal has helped to strengthen my abilities in teaching to all types of students. My experience in working with a wide range of learners, including learners with ADHD, dyslexia, autism, learning disabilities, as well as talented and gifted, has shaped me as the nurturing and supportive teacher that I am today.  By using a prescriptive method of instruction, students will have the greatest potential for acceleration and mastery of any skill they wish to achieve in life.

How it Works

1) Conference with parents individually.

What are the study skills in which your child needs support?

Prioritize which study skills to work on with their child.

2) Check in with teacher/s on how the student is doing in class, if necessary.

Identify study skill needs with teacher/s based on student behaviors: turning in assignments on time, completing assignments, doing their personal best, studying for tests, training the student to use a daily/weekly planner effectively, etc.

3) Discuss with student individually the skill/s in which they feel they need support.

4) Discuss individually with parents, student and teacher/s the development, implementation and assessment of the individualized plan.

5) Meet with the student weekly to create accountability and support for the plan. Check in with parents and teachers to ensure that the plan is effective and modifying plan when necessary.

Tutor: Dawn Thompson

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