Diving Deep into Mathematical Problem Solving

Tutor: Cheryl O’Donnell

Grades 3rd-6th

An in-depth course on the development of higher level problem solving in math.

Focus Group:

This class is intended for 3rd to 6th grade level students who need to build problem solving strategies that they can employ in transitional math, algebra and geometry.

Course Description:

Using resources from Continental Math League, this course will encourage young students to delve deeper into higher level math problem solving which will help students build their confidence as they move into elevated math courses.

Course Benefits:

Students will begin developing their ability to approach problem solving at an early age. They can begin making sense not just of the problems that they encounter, but also of the underlying mathematical concepts and connections. They will also be able to choose and use appropriate tools and representations and their vocabulary will develop naturally as a result of collaboration and communication with other peers.

Cheryl has taught in the public school system and continues to be involved in the current curriculum standards through private math tutoring and maintaining close relationships with families and professionals in the public/ private school systems as well as parents and teachers in the homeschooling community. Cheryl has also completed additional courses in higher education with a specific focus on developing problem solving skills to provide the most effective methods of teaching young math students.

Course Costs:

$360 per student for the entire year. Half ($180) is due at the week before classes begins in September. The other half is due at the beginning of the second semester in January. (Cost weekly for this one hour and 25 minute class is approximately $10.60).

 Family discount:

A family discount will apply after the full payment of two siblings. Other siblings  that would like to participate in the class will pay $90 per semester with the same non-refundable fees and refund policy as above

Course Length:

 This class is a one-year program, each semester has 17 weeks of classes. Each class is one hour and 25 minutes.

Required Course Materials:

Students will need paper and writing utensils. Home computers are appropriate, but not required, for out of class work.

Course Registration:

Students must be registered prior to the start of class in the fall.

Absence, Cancellation and Drop Policy:

If a student misses class, it is his/her responsibility to contact Cheryl for make-up work and any class material. A very effective and easy way to stay caught up before a planned absence or after an unplanned absence is to email Cheryl (codonnell1976@gmail.com) so that the student can get notes, handouts, and assignments. If Cheryl is ill or school is canceled due to weather, material will be made up within the next few classes.

Tutor Biography:

Cheryl retired from Mattawan Consolidated Schools in 2013. She began teaching 3rd grade in 2003 after completing her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Elementary Education with minors in math, science and language arts from Western Michigan University. She later completed her Masters degree in the Art of Teaching from Marygrove College in 2005. She has served on various committees including Math, Social Studies and Language Arts. Cheryl piloted “The Best of Continental Mathematics League” with over 125 students. Cheryl has worked with a variety of students with learning and behavioral disabilities including ADD, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, emotional and social impairment, and special needs. She provided instruction for gifted students as well making certain all students were challenged to their ability and were given opportunities to improve and reach their unique potential.

Cheryl is a Christian woman, wife, mother of four, and grandmother of 10. She attends Mattawan Community Church and is currently participating on the prayer team. Even in the public school, Cheryl was passionate about sharing the love of Jesus and creating awareness for students that extended beyond themselves.

Cheryl believes that her passion for teaching is a gift that is intended to be used for helping students not only excel but to bring out the author in each individual.

Please do not hesitate to contact Cheryl with questions or concerns at anytime.

Thank you!

Cheryl O’Donnell –