Public Forum Debate

Tutor: Karen Kiser


To help students learn persuasion through logic, data, and emotional delivery techniques

For Whom:

Grades 9-12 Speech or Elective Credit


Public forum debate focuses on developing debaters who can persuade an audience to support a particular position through a series of back and forth speeches that mimic the real world of debates on television with pundits and politicians. Students will learn to speak, research, write, and think critically, as well as present opinions in winsome ways. This is not a formal debate class, but rather a class that recognizes the value of “pathos” or emotion in presenting one’s argument. In today’s world, a well-planned emotional approach often gives the most power to solid logic and reason. Students will learn to research both sides of an issue and how to argue each side most effectively. In life, knowing what one believes is only half the battle. Being able to present one’s beliefs in a logical and appealing manner is the more challenging part of the persuasion equation.  Every student would profit immensely from this class.

One Semester (Paired w/ PSAT/SAT/ACT Test Prep)


$180 for semester

About the Instructor:

B.S. in Secondary Education (20+ years experience)

Taught for 12 years at Southside Christian School in SC

Homeschooled three of eight children

Taught at KAT since 2007 –  World Lit., Shakespeare, American Lit, British Lit., Debate, Public Speaking, PSAT/SAT/ACT Test Prep., Election in Action, Economics