High School Chemistry



Tutor: Richard Mayer

10th-12th Grades

Class Description:

This is a one year science course primarily for 10-12th grades.  I hope to cover a module over 2-3 weeks.  Some topics include:  Measurement and Units, Atoms and Molecules, Classifying Matter, Chemical Equations, Stoichiometry, Atomic Structure, Molecular Structure, Acid/Base Chemistry, Gases, and Thermodynamics.

Students should plan to devote around 60 minutes of study each school day for this class.  There will be assigned homework each week.  Laboratory is an integral part of this class.  Most experiments will be conducted in class and some assigned for home.  Students will take their tests at home and bring them to the next class session for my grading.  Semester and final grades will be determined mostly from tests and lab work.  Emails will be sent to parents each week to communicate homework and any additional items of importance.  I depend on parents to monitor tests that students take at home and check to see if homework is being completed each week.  Parents who cannot do this may put their student at a disadvantage.  Please make sure your student is prepared before registering for this class.  Algebra 1 is a prerequisite for this class (Physical Science is helpful).  Class space and lab equipment may limit the number of students enrolling.  I will try to give preference to 12th grade students at registration.  Tentatively there is no class February 12.


The text is Exploring Creation with Chemistry:  2nd Edition (Published by Apologia Educational Ministries) by Dr. Jay Wile. The Solutions and Tests For Exploring Creation with Chemistry:  2nd Edition is the accompanying book with the text.  Since this is an older edition, you might want to purchase your books from one of my previous chemistry students.  The text is designed for the home schooled student and is written from a Christian perspective.  Most experiments are done in class and the few conducted at home use common household items.  I will supply any experiment supplies and copy materials used in class.  A 3-ringed binder is needed for class notes and a spiral notebook is needed for lab work.  A calculator is required for many of the problems.


$360 for the year.  Payments of $180 are made on the first day of each semester.  Included in these costs are note packets for each student, handouts provided through out the year, rent for the classroom, and all classroom laboratory supplies.

Drop Policy:

There is a 50% refund for anyone dropping the class within the first four weeks of the semester, after that there will be no refund.


I am a Christian and the most important relationship in my life is with Jesus Christ the Son of God.  I am blessed to be married to my wife, Deb, and have four children.  We have home schooled three of our four children.  We attend Agape Christian Church where I am active in leadership in the Men’s Ministry.   I also participate at Bible Study Fellowship.

I have experience teaching in grades K-12, most of it being at the high school level (I retired from Portage Northern

High School after 32 years of teaching in the public schools), and at KAT since 2010.  I received my Bachelor of Science and Masters in Teaching of Science from WMU.  My major is Earth Science and minors are Math, Biology, Chemistry, and Elementary Education.

Richard Mayer

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