KAT Portrait Day & Order KAT Year Book online!!!


Picture Day Forms will be available soon!

In an effort to reduce long lines, we ask that you follow the picture-day schedule listed below unless you know you will be gone on your scheduled picture day, in which case, please come when you are able.

Picture Day Schedule

All student need to have a picture taken free of charge so that they can be included in our 2016-17 Year book.

Note- We are in need of several parent volunteers to work in shifts (as you are able) during these times.  If you are willing to assist our photographer, please reply to moore.hs.power@gmail.com or inform a PAC member of your availability.  Thank you in advance!

Please order your KAT yearbook online with our Yearbook Code: 12271017
 Click on this link to Ordering Your KAT Yearbook Online  ybpay.lifetouch.com
Get your KAT year books for $15 limited time Only!
$19 if you want your students name printed on the front cover.
This link is up and running!  Order today so you don’t forget!
Prices are as follows: (Add $4 to have a foil print of your student’s name on the cover. This option should be available for purchase by 10/24.)

$15 until Thanksgiving
$18 until Christmas
$21 until Valentine’s day (no more pre-orders after Feb 14)
$25 After the book is published, IF there are any extra copies available for sale.  Extra books are not usually ordered, but sometimes there are a few available for sale.   
Please take advantage of this great price.  Prices will go up.  Don’t do what I did last year and waited until the last minute and paid $25.  This Book is for all ages.  The students really spend a great deal of time making sure that every student at KAT is included in the year book.
Fun Days at KAT

The Yearbook class is inviting you to participate in Fun Days, which will be featured in the Yearbook.  Please remember that the KAT Dress Code will still be in effect on each of the Fun Days. Be sure to mark your calendar for the upcoming Fun Days! The schedule is as follows:

Oct: Favorite color day: Wear your favorite color
Nov: Crazy hair/hat/wig day: Have fun with all things hair and on the hair
Dec: Christmas sweater day: Dig those festive sweaters out of the closet
Jan: Patriotic day: Wear red, white and blue
Feb: Team wear day: Wear clothes that support any type of  team such as: robotics, sports, WMFI, HPA, Worship Arts…

Senior Photos are due before Thanksgiving!
We want to honor your graduating student in the yearbook! Seniors who participate in one or more KAT classes are included. Please help us by choosing a baby/toddler photo and scanning it to make a digital version. Please also choose a Senior portrait that meets the KAT dress code guidelines. Please email both photos to moore.hs.power@gmail.com  Lastly, please have your senior fill out this brief survey https://goo.gl/forms/PJtGVEzzIbZeNTF03  for us to use to create a short bio about each senior student to place next to his/her photos. If you need a senior portrait photographer Angie Moore can give you a few names of photographers in our homeschool community.

Senior checklist:

  1. Scan and email a baby/toddler photo
  2. Email a senior photo
  3. Fill out the online survey

Please note, everything is due before Thanksgiving!

If you have questions regarding Picture Day, Yearbook, or Senior Pictures and Bios, please contact

Angie Moore  Moore.hs.power@gmail.com

 (269) 344-5636.


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