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Michigan History

Tutor: Lynette Baker 4th – 6th grade (Meets every week at KAT) Course Description: This class will be a broad overview of Michigan. The class will include hands-on projects, weekly quiz, readings, writing and games to cover the subject.  Topics covered will include: physical aspects, native people, explorers,...
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American History – High School

Tutor: Lynette Baker High School American History for grades 8th-12th Class Description: This class will be a quick-moving, broad overview survey of social, political, economic and cultural aspects of America’s past to present.  The class will include weekly quizzes and homework assignments. The course will stress the...
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Art’s Story

Tutor: Lynette Baker 6th grade – 9th grade (Meets every week at KAT) This class will take a broad overview of history through art. The class will explore a wide variety of art media with an emphasis on the fine arts. Students will have weekly homework assignments...
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