About KAT

What is KAT?

We are a parent-facilitated co-op which operates every Monday from September to May at Centerpoint Church in Kalamazoo.  Qualified, experienced, Christian tutors provide a wide variety of academic classes including English language arts, art, drama, music, foreign languages, math, sciences, and history classes.  Our tutors are independent contractors who work under the KAT umbrella to serve the homeschool community of the greater Kalamazoo area.  Parents and tutors work as partners with parents remaining the core educators who assist their children with weekly KAT assignments.KAT stands for “Kalamazoo Area Tutoring Association, Inc.”

The First Day!


KAT is located at Centerpoint Church, 2345 North 10th Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49009.

Building Use:

God has graciously blessed KAT with an expansive facility (consisting of multiple parking lots, entrance/exit doors, classrooms, and restrooms).  Out of joyful respect for Centerpoint’s generosity, other activities happening on the campus, as well as for safety issues, all students and parents need to remain in the areas designated for KAT.

Parking /Entrance/ Exit:

Please park in the main northeast parking lot facing 10th Street by the POINT and main sanctuary. If you are parking in the POINT parking lot, please leave the parking spaces by the sidewalk in front of the building available for patrons of the facility.  Also, Centerpoint would like us to enter and exit KAT through Entrance A only.  These are the doors that lead into the Main Sanctuary.


There will be a map of the building on display when you enter the building, as well as a posted schedule to help you know where to go.  Here is a printable copy for your convenience:  Centerpoint Map – Up and Down


There are two sets of restrooms available to us.  KAT will be using the restrooms in the lower level and the restrooms off the fellowship hall area (the large open area with stone fireplace).

Additional Guidelines:

  • Cell phone usage, including texting, is not permitted while in KAT classes.
  • Please observe all “No Exit” signs and “Do Not Use” signs.
  • The elevator is not to be used by KAT students unless they have a medical need.
  • No wandering in the halls or outside.
  • Students may play outside only when accompanied by their own parents.

The Point:

The Point has a coffee shop, gym and workout facility available for a nominal fee which KAT families are invited to use. Students thirteen and older must sign out with the Building Supervisor and also sign in at the Point.  Students will also be required to wear their KAT lanyards while at the Point.  Respectful use of the Point is required.  Please review the KAT Participant Guidelines with your students in regards to the Point.

We are thankful for the generosity of Centerpoint Church and look forward to a wonderful year partnering with you.


The Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

 Please review our KAT Parent Handbook for complete details about this wonderful cooperative. We hope to see you in the coming year.  Click the link below to download a copy:

KAT Parent Handbook 2017-2018